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I used to spend a lot of time there (before I came here :>).

I don't mind the "counter" system, as long as there is some smarts behind it. If it just is a linear interpolation between last/next figures - I think its pointless. Better to have a "Updated on ....", with a fixed set of figures.

If he took into account the relative times in different countries (not many units sold in the US overnight!), weekends, holidays (etc) - which wouldn't be *that* hard to do - I wouldn't have minded it too much. The problem with the current system (updated every minute, with exactly the same increments) is that it is *obviously* wrong.

 It makes sense for the population (for example), as the time that children are born (around the world) could be fairly evenly distributed (or you grab some stats, and weight the figures based on the times in each country, etc). Makes less sense when the majority of units are purchased from retail stores (which are only open a few hours every day).

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