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cura said:
Ronster316 said:
Ps3............ allegedly best graphics.


 you should check out the new uncharted 2 screenshots. Not that they'll change your mind though.

Funny how hating sony is your loss. You miss out on great games.


I do? i buy sony consoles and games 2nd hand because for me they are nothing more than a 2nd hand company.

Uncharted 2 looks nice.

Then again so does Alan wake.


Three gaming companies i will respect forever............. SEGA, Capcom, Nintendo.

My gaming HERO= Yu Suzuki (The father of Shenmue, Virtua fighter, he's also an arcade/3D gaming PIONEER)

Proud member of the Sonic Support Squad. (not that he needs it anymore after Unleashed, Generations & All-Stars Racing)