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seece said:
docholliday said:
LMAO at the ppl who take such great offense to what the OP does. You would think this guy stole your daughters virginity or some shit, my god. Im not gonna condone piracy, but its his business. If he gets caught then so be it. But there are much bigger and more important fights to be fought in this world than piracy.

I dont pirate myself, but ive damn sure thought about it before. And I know ppl that do, but to each their own. For instance, I got laid off from my job of over 2 years and knew money was gonna be very tight until I found work again. I had a buddy that was gonna mod my 360 so I could play burnt games. Now its obvious I wasnt gonna to buy the games without any income, so was I really taking money away from anyone?? Luckily I found work and have purchased all my games legally though.

If you couldn't afford them then you simply don't get to play them.


Oh I can't afford a car does that give me the right to break into a car showroom and pinch one? I was never going to buy one so it must be!


You know this comparison is so fckn retarded its not even funny. First off, I never pirated anything so save the self righteous bullshit for someone else. And lets break down the facts here. If a person steals a car they are taking something that physically exists, something that will cost the company money to replace. If a person pirates a game, in all honestly they are not costing anyone any expense. Sure they MIGHT have been a possible customer to actually purchase the item. But even that bears the burden of proof.

Like I said though, there are much more important things to worry about in this world than internet pirates. I'd rather let the police worry about the drug dealers,rapists, murderers than worry about 14 year old Jimmy that pirated Gears of War. Really is worrying that so many ppl see stopping internet pirates as their great crusade. If your gonna pick a battle to fight, make it one that worth fighting.