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Kayanator said:

Due to the fact that my Haters console thread went off very well and we have no Hate threads I thought it was time to create one.

This thread is for EVERYTHING you hate, unrelated to consoles. If you hate something video game related please post it in the appropriate Haters Thread in the video games section.

Hate life, poetry, chores, countries, names, foods, races, people, holidays, literally anything goes, just post your hates all here.

Just follow these simple rules. NO flaming. NO flaming others hates. NO personal attacks.

Happy Hating.


I Hate:

-Caterpillars because the're butt ugly.

-Math because it's boring and limiting of free thought.

Math is a exact science, of course is limited of free thougth.

-America because of Bush, moronic education system, ignorant people and culture.

1st America is a continent not a country.

2nd if you are gonna hate someone, hate Bush not the USA.

-Stinky food is absolutely disgusting, how can you eat something that smells like feet?

-Very ugly people because they're hard to look at.

I would like to see a picture of yourself.

-Uneducated people, because they're plain idiots and you can't hold a proper conversation with them.

You can have a decent conversation with someone uneducated. Uneducated is not the same as idiots.

-Rednecks, see uneducated people, they mostly care about beer, sports and farm.

Racism comes in many forms, not just against minorities. 

-Americans calling Football soccer and their niche sport real football. 


*more to come*

Please not. 

And I dislike people whom it affirms their country is the best in the world, when is most probably the only one they know.

The creationist can believe everything they want, is their rigth, but is just wrong to try to change the laws so what they believe is teach to kids in public schools.

Ishy what's with this "I hate the fact that mass rape is being used as a 'political weapon' in some places in the world and i hate the fact that the church is stopping support for amnesty international because they are giving the victims of rape the option to have abortions" where could I read about this.

 And ripper people does not hate the USA, they just hate their external policy.

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