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Sky Render said:


SRPG is short for Strategy RPG. That's an entirely different kettle of fish, and what you might even call a prototype melding of WRPG and JRPG on neutral grounds. I'll let somebody else go into detail about them, however.

I don't really think Strategy RPGs are really RPGs at all. Sure they have elements of role playing games, but I feel that's mainly a subgenre of the Strategy genre, not the other way around. Similiar to how Puzzle Quest is a puzzle game with RPG elements, I feel there is much for strategy elements in SRPGs than there are RPG elements. Fire Emblem feels much more like Advance Wars and Civilization than it does Final Fantasy. The games are still mission based, the combat mirrors turn based strategy and there is no overworld or sense of exploration, plus there are usually no sidequests. You're on a very linear path. That's just my take though.


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