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Here's my first post on this site (3 month lurker!) and reply to your comments, Kwaad. Red Steel - A launch game that shipped with some bugs. The big one seems to be the "jumpy cursor" which is remedied by turning off the volume on the wiimote. I heard about this fix before I got the game, and after encountering the bug, I customized the controls to my liking (no volume, aim assist off) and had one helluva good time with the single player part of the game. I loved the style of the game, with a "B Movie" feel with "Japanese Gangsters", or Yakuza. Despite it's bugs, I think the game was fairly good overall and give it a 6.5/10, most fun single-player FPS games I've played since Metroid Prime. Oh, I don't like the menu either though. ;) If you can deal with the volume bug and customize the controls, the wiimote works exceptionally well for the most part. They should've kept it in-house a few more weeks to deal with thuse bugs, but overall it shows a lot of the potential of the system. A sequel has already been confirmed. :) *looking forward to it* U.S. '06 sales - 250,000 (Comparison : Resistance PS3 - 330,000) Super Monkey Ball : Banana Blitz - Disappointing as well overall, I agree on that one. A few of the multiplayer games are quite good, and the single player is somewhat interesting, but still not a great title. Wiimote controls could have been better, I would have preffered to use an analog stick myself. They also butchered my favorite multiplayer games as well. 5/10 The Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess - I don't think I need to say anything about this except I have no reason to even touch the gamecube version. ;) Wii-mote FTW. 9.5/10 Trauma Center : Second Opinion - Who'da thunk I'd actually enjoy cutting up some people for a good cause? Quite a good game, if a bit too intense for my taste. Wii-mote works wonderfully here. 7/10 Excite Truck - I've always sucked at using an analog stick for racing games for some reason, and after a bit of adjusting to the control scheme, I did a lot better in this title than I have for any racer in years. :) A lot of arcade-racing fun, the controls work great. :) Wii Sports - Yes, the gameplay is there. And so is the multiplayer, and the detail to the control scheme, if you pay attention to the subtleties of it. My family/friends and I have probably clocked around 70-80 hours into it, with play intervals from 15 minutes to 3-4 hours. :D 9/10, Wii's killer app for non/casual gamers while still fairly enjoyable to hardcore gamers. Name a few other video games that allow non/casual gamers and serious/hardcore gamers to play together so evenly and have fun while doing it? Rayman : Raving Rabbids - Great multiplayer game, although a few of the games are a bit redundant with each other. Controls work great. Elebits - Fairly good game, but still a bit rough around the edges, needed a few more weeks of tweaking as well. Controls still worked very well though. Check out the just-announced "Dewey's Adventure" also from Konami, looks to be a great game in the same style. 7/10 Madden 2006 for Wii turned out to be a major suprise, 2nd only to the suprise Wii Sports itself made. Many reviewers have given it praise, even over the PS3/360 versions simply because of the control scheme (kicking apparently doesn't work too well, but it seems to be the same problem on the other platforms as well, go figure). I believe in Nov/Dec it sold about 150k on the Wii in the U.S., enough to catch EA's attention considering the target audience of the Wii. Now we have EA doing a larger effort on the platforum with SSX Blur (exclusive), Scarface, and several other titles, and a few new titles of which will be exclusives to the Wii, according to EA. They've also put a considerable amount of work into the new Tiger Woods game for Wii as well. :) Note : EA just announced a DS version of Spore, a Wii version is expected as well. :) I think No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3, Dragon Quest Swords, SSX Blur, as well as alternative titles like The Sims Wii, Cooking Mama, Dewey's Adventures and other new IP's may help give the Wii a better fighting chance in good control-exclusive games this generation of console wars then you give it credit for. :) Of course I could be wrong, but I could be right too. :) For a comparison, here's a PS3/Wii port sales comparison from this site itself (USA '06 sales only) ------------------PS3----Wii---- (thousands of units) Madden '06 210-----205 NFS:Carbon 114-----Unknown (vg don't have it listed) CallofDuty3 128-----175 Marvel-UA 95-----170 In the USA, The Wii had a install base of around 1.2 million by the end of '06, the PS3 about a million even supposedly. Not too shabby considering all of the Wii versions simply have their controls remapped to the Wiimote, thus limiting the control capability of the games. I'd say people are rather enjoying them. ^_^ Resistance PS3 - 310k, Red Steel Wii - 250k Btw, it will be impossible for Final Fantasy XIII to skyrocket the PS3's sales as VII did the PS1's simply because of the cost of the hardware, it's simply too much for too many people. I don't see the PS3's sales hitting several hundred thousand a month until they drop their price on a massive level. Even the 360's sales have stagnated (compared to the inventory in stores) partially due to the cost of the console (the other reason being a lack of game variety).

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