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De85 said:
MikeB said:

Microsoft at CES 2009 demos Halo Wars:


So, that picture is from CES 09, but the advert on the wall behind the console says now starting at $279.99?

I'm calling bullshit on that picture.

Not sure about that picture, but the end result remains the same:

"CES09: Halo Wars + Red Ring = Fail

Gamertag Radio reports "So were checking out the gameplay of Halo Wars. Now, I'm not a RTS fan but the chance to control all aspects of the field was pretty interesting.

Then, as the title of this article says, the inevitable happens. Yes, Microsoft's brand new addition to the Halo series suffers from another RROD error. From what I understand, since its only a 2 light error, it is most likely an overheating issue. Yes, its a Dev kit and the display was probably not allowing enough cool air to pass through to the console, but c'mon MS! This is the next step for your flagship title at CES???""


Naughty Dog: "At Naughty Dog, we're pretty sure we should be able to see leaps between games on the PS3 that are even bigger than they were on the PS2."

PS3 vs 360 sales