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This all goes back to the R&D phase of the console. I have never had a scratched disc and neither has anyone I know. Equally I have only experienced one RROD (lauch console) and of the two people I know with lauch consoles one of them had a RROD with his launch console and nothing since - the other has had no problems at all.

MikeB has a deep rooted hatred from MS and an overblown love of anything Sony - they can do no wrong for him. Its as simple as that really.


Thats really cool and all, but could i have some proof or info on the newer models or something? i really want Star ocean 4, but not at a cost of losing them both...

I did some looking up and it goes by code name models, Jasper? Wtf is that? at any rate i asked if my local gamestop have had any issues with the "Jasper" models of the Arcades and they said "It depends really" What the fuck is that suppose to mean!?


I dunno lol.

(To cite akuma587:) Just do it. Worry about the consequences later.


Seraphic, buy a X360. We're short of people in the MS forum here on VGC lol. We need new blood.

Short of people? lol, well as far as that goes theres a pretty decent amount so no bigie there.

And no...i wanna make sure MS doesnt screw me over, 300 dollars is alot of money.