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kowenicki said:

This all goes back to the R&D phase of the console. I have never had a scratched disc and neither has anyone I know. Equally I have only experienced one RROD (lauch console) and of the two people I know with lauch consoles one of them had a RROD with his launch console and nothing since - the other has had no problems at all.

MikeB has a deep rooted hatred from MS and an overblown love of anything Sony - they can do no wrong for him. Its as simple as that really.


Though MikeB is playing this issue up and plays all 360 issues up and out of proportion, the disc scratching issue is a factual widespread problem and a quite prominent issue in the EU.  I'm glad the people you know havent had issues, but that is annecdotal information and does not prove the success/failure rate of anything.