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In next 4 years PS3 will sell on AVERAGE 20 mln. per year.

4-5 mln. per year in Japan. Total 16-20 mln. in next 4 years.

Japan is getting BIG games like FFXIII, FFXIII:versus, GT5. Also, Since 2009, almost every week there will be released new game on PS3 in Japan. There will be also more japanese oriented games, like RE5, SF4, Yakuza 3, Tekken 6, Bayonetta, LR, Ico 3, LP2 and etc. in next 4 years.

Also more affordable 29k yen price, and later 24k with 19k + SLIM PS3 version will do BIG effect on PS3 sales. Japanese WANT PS3, many PS3 games always hit most wanted list.

8-9 mln. per year in Europe. Total 32-36 mln. in next 4 years.

PS3 80GB still cost 400 euro in Europe, while it`s main competitor x360 60GB model bundled with 2 games(LIJ+KFP) cost only 200 euros.

In 2008 PS3 did around 5,5 mln. in Europe(Others) alone. Though, next year Europe still will have some effect of crisis, 300 euro price will do wonders. I expect 50% increase in sales or around 8 mln. already this year. With 200 euro price later, it will do more.

6-7 mln. per year in NA. Total 24-28 mln. in next 4 years.

With 400$ price PS3 did already 4 mln. in NA alone during 2008. 299$ price and incoming hits like KZ2, FFXIII, GT5 and MANY other PS3 exclusives will again help PS3 get BIG sales. Also, future 199$ price and SLIM version will increase sales by a lot. PS3 will be a PERFECT gaming machine and media center. It will have GREAT price, GREAT games, GREAT media features, GREAT quality and GREAT online features.

So far, PS3 is Tracking PSP sales - http://vgchartz.com/hwlaunch.php?cons1=PSP&reg1=All&cons2=PS3&reg2=All&cons3=GC&reg3=All&weeks=212 BUT it will do better, since PS3 will be getting BIG games and Pricecuts. =)

p.s. When you people expect PS3 to reach 100 mln. LTD sales? Do not underestimate PLAYSTATION BRAND. =)

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2009.04.30 - PS3 will OUTSELL x360 atleast by the middle of 2010. Japan+Europe > NA.

Gran Turismo 3 - 1,06 mln. in 3 weeks with around 4 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Gran Turismo 4 - 1,16 mln. with 18 mln. PS2 on the launch.

Final Fantasy X - around 2 mln. with 5 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Final Fantasy X-2 - 2.4 mln. with 12 mln. PS2 on the launch.


1.8 mln. PS3 today(2008.01.17) in Japan. Now(2009.04.30) 3.16 mln. PS3 were sold in Japan.
PS3 will reach 4 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 25k.

PS3 may reach 5 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 50k.
PS2 2001 vs PS3 2008 sales numbers =) + New games released in Japan by 2009 that passed 100k so far