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Khuutra said:
All right, Onxymeth, how many games do you have left over, exactly? Ballpark figure. Keep it to games from this year if you can.

All of these games were purchsed this year. If you mean their actual release dates, minus Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, DOA, Condemned and All Pro Football

Fable II-At the halfway mark
Fallout 3-Just got out of the vault, very beginning
Assassin's Creed-Never played
Mass Effect-Never played
Devil May Cry 4-Halfway mark, too boring to finish
Tomb Raider Legend-About three missions left
Condemned-Second mission, just bought so I'll be playing it currently
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2-Haven't done much yet, but it's more of a remarkable art design of a game than something I need to finish
All Pro Football 2K8-Just played a few games thus far, it's a sports game so no need to finish anything
Call of Duty World at War-On Mission five or six in the campaign
Grand Theft Auto IV-2/3rd of the way through, no intention to finish anytime soon


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