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Gilgamesh said:
LordTheNightKnight said:
Gilgamesh said:

Is shadow of the Colossus a sequel to ICO the ending of SotC seemed a bit confusing to me and seems like it was a sequel?

OT:I really try to avoid playing sequels if I haven't played the prequel, I like knowing whats going on :)


Shadow is actually a prequel. The second sentence should be "if I haven't played the earlier/previous games".

Ok so ICO takes place after SotC?


It's a bit of a spoiler, so don't read the next part if you want to avoid that.

The protagonist of Shadow gets turned into a horned infant at the end, and he's the ancestor of the boy in Ico.

As for the thread title, acumen, you didn't need to write out something that long. Just write "previous" instead of "prequel". Duh.

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