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bugrimmar said:
whenever i buy something, i purposefully round it up. even if its 54 dollars, i say its 60 dollars. if its 6 dollars, i say its 10. that's just how my brain works. so no, i've never fallen for that marketing campaign.

         Really? Did you realize you just put 0.00 in your 1st post instead of 10.00?

         Good for you, for consciously avoiding a marketing tactic, without even knowing how it worked. Even the thriftiest shoppers fall prey to it, rounding up or not. I find it hard to believe you would be any different, unless you always calculate everything very carefully, before you go shopping or barely buy anything at all. You already said you round #'s up. So, that can't be the case. There's always that 1 time, your mind makes a slip up and that's what companies are banking on. There's nothing ignorant about that. It's just the way the human mind works.