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Lolcislaw said:
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Lolcislaw said:
Platformers are not a very popular Genre today (compared to other), Mario is a different Story because it is a Mario its an Icon.

LBP is selling all right, but look how much money was put into Advertising and How much hype itd had.

Look at sales of recent platformers of the Wii all decent: Wario Land, De Blob etc. etc. but they will never produce sales of shooters etc. etc.


HONESTLY, Why do you feel the need to bash on LittleBigPlanet? It can't just be considered a good game. It's an over advertised game. Just leave it alone for christs sake.

Otherwise, Platformers are NOT dead. This is just by a very minor company that doesn't exactly scream "amazing" with their projects in most cases. Other then that, I do agree with your last sentence.

Wow i dont really know where do you see LBP bashing? I know it is a good interesting game, and i never bashed it's quality/

i'm just saying that Sony had to put a LOT of Effort into getting sales that it gets, massive hype, media campaign. I think you should stop looking for conspiracies or attacks on PS3 software, because there was no such thing in my post, i just said that platformers are not that much of a popular genre (and i really do enjoy them personally), chill out.



Is it bad of Sony to market their game? Would you rather them give the game a good week and a half of advertisement and let it flop because nobody knows what it's about? Most people don't go to vgchartz or kotaku or 1up or gametrailers. They get the advertising whereever they see it. Due to the "cute" nature of the game, a lot of gamers stuck their noses up to it so Sony went through the extra effort to attempt to show people the game and let them get their own idea of what it's about. I'm sorry to say but it's a great idea to get a new IP out there. It's better than just letting it die off on its own by being overshadowed during a holiday season and it being on the 3rd place console at the moment.

Also, I don't believe you are conspiring, that requires a person to agree with you. ;) But seriously, it might just be the threads I go into, but when i see a lot of your comments, they have something thrown in that's bashing either Sony or their fans.