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ckmlb said:
It seems people are forgetting that the PS3 version has mouse and keyboard support so that won't play that different from the PC version. Hate to annoy the depressed PC gamers even more but the 'huge' advantage over PS3 players in case there is cross platform play is very minor if present at all.

Can't blame PC gamers for being pissed, every great PC game (almost) also gets released on consoles and consoles get other great games that never get PC releases. It's like consoles are getting the best of both worlds. And now with keyboard and mouse support coming to PS3 and 360, future console RTS and FPS should be as good as PC versions.

I know the console gamers have mouse and keyboard support, but hardcore console gamers might as well play nothing but Hannah Montana compared to hardcore PC gamers. These people play shooters like a profession. I'll quite enjoy watching the videos on youtube of PS3 owners being slaughtered by PC gamers. However, please go ahead and play the PC gamers. I would love to hear how that turns out for you ck.