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bumidan said:
I'm being optimistic and say that even with the current exchange rates, they would break even or make some profit - because it is a holiday quarter.

Maybe they reduce costs on the PS3 even further...

Oh, I was referring to PS3 hardware only in my question. They were expecting to break even towards the end of the fiscal year, but when they said that the exchange rate problem hadn't started yet. Unless things are going much better than planned, they can't be breaking even on Europe/USA PS3 hardware right now.

The only thing which is improving for the gaming division is PS3 software sales. It seems they have increased around 80%. Then we have decreasing PS2 and PSP hardware and software sales, the two SCE cash cows.

I didn't do any calculations, but superficially it looks like the increase in PS3 SW may get almost all eliminated by the PS2/PSP decreases. Then the exchange rate problem shows up and decreases revenue by 15-20% across the board, which is the biggest issue in this quarter IMO.

The real unknown is whether there were big cost decreases in PS2 and PSP... That's the one thing which could get them close to profitability in my view.


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