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taxman said:
I read elsewhere that Sony Pictures Movies are ok. It's only Colombia movies that are blocked.... So the conspiracy theorists fail in this case....

Link: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3171396

"As it turns out, it seems like this is simply a matter of licensing. Given that Sony BMG music is available through the Zune Marketplace and other Sony Pictures Entertainment movies are still available for streaming through Netflix to the 360, this might not be the proverbial middle finger that some assume it is."

Thank god for someone with some common sense.  This is plain trash being spread by someone with an overactive imagination.  If Sony wanted to pull its movies from the 360, wouldn't they pull ALL their studios, to actually have a major impact??? This is much more likely an oversight by Netflix, forgot to renew some licensing with Columbia for 360, and are working right now to correct the issue. 

I can't believe this gained any credibility.  I think people put too much into the "console wars".