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Erm don't reviewers nor gamers even consider for just "1" minute that there are like millions of WII owners out there who've NEVER EVER played an Animal Crossing game before.... hmmm?? No I guess not.

How come no one cries when Madden gets a low score every year for not changing?

Aren't there more and more PS360s being sold every year, and by that token, more people that haven't played Madden?

The game is more of the same, and is reviewed as such.


Dude what are u talking about?  Madden always gets in the 80s doesn't matter how long it's been out.  In fact i just checked it's rating on ps3 & it's increased every single time.  Also, Madden has been around for way longer than animal crossing.


Pls get ur facts straight before u comment.

Yes, on the PS3! Each version since Madden 07 has gotten better, on the PS3.



1. Madden NFL 2004 PS2 EA Sports 41 8.2 91.751%
2. Madden NFL 2002 PS2 EA Sports 44 8.2 91.655%
3. Madden NFL 2003 PS2 EA Sports 43 8.4 91.402%
4. Madden NFL 2001 PS2 EA Sports 43 7.8 90.508%
5. Madden NFL 2005 PS2 EA Sports 35 7.9 90.331%
6. Madden NFL 06 PS2 EA Sports 42 7.7 85.262%
7. Madden NFL 07 PS2 EA Sports 26 7.9 84.404%
8. Madden NFL 08 PS2 EA Sports 12 5.0 77.500%
9. Madden NFL 09 PS2 Electronic Arts 2 -- 68.000%

Thats f-ing pwnage right there.


Maybe someone else should get their facts straight.


There is no reason for the "innovative" gaming company to continue to put out near direct rehashes of its games and to have its fans continue to blindly follow them.

Its one thing to say if it aint broke dont fix it, but you can change a game completely and maintain what made the first fun and great. Or you can do what Nintendo is doing, and release the indentical game and purely cash in on people that for some amazing reason continue to buy the same game over and over again.

Oh well.


I own all three current consoles and a great gaming rig, now thats out of the way.

This space Reserved for the Nuggets of Wisdom dropped by Bladeforce:

"Why post something like this when all it will get is PS3 owners blinded to reality replying? BOTH THE PS3 AND BLUE-RAY WILL NOT LAST 3 YEARS! TECHNOLOGY CHANGED TOO FAST!"

"is it Wii FIt that has sold as many as PS3's sold? Thats a LOL Look at the total sales of software is it just me that sees Nintendo titles hitting 10m+ and you say they arent making a difference? Another LOL!"

"Hell, with all the negative hype Sony spin, people just aren't interested cost is too high and to get the true HD experience (1080p, 7.1 surround) you will need a $1000+ system. THAT IS GOING TO DO IT IN A RECESSION! PS4 will not happen"