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I really think Nights 2 can be a big seller for Wii. One reason is that alot of people agree nowadays that Sega's new stuff is pretty much sucking. And really going back to it's back catalogue for a trully innovative and Sega styled game that we all love is probably a good idea. If done right this game could really be a big game for the Wii. I mean and if you look back on the GC Sega games sold quite well on the Wii most noteably being Sonic and Super Monkey Ball. Sega games are generally well accepted on the Nintendo platforms so I do think this Nights sequel for the Wii could generate some good sales. I would think easily over time it'll sell over a million copies. Any other platform though this game would have fell through no doubt. As if you've noticed Sega platformers/adventure titles such as Sonic and Super Monkey Ball tend to fail on the other consoles especially the MS platforms. Not surprised either.