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noname2200 said:
Gamerace said:
I think the, somewhat sad, reality is, is that Wii owners who care about fragging people online already have a PS3/360/PC for that and would sooner buy CoDWaW for those systems for A) Better graphics and B) Way better online (more people, more content).

Someone would have to be a Wii only owner or Wii and low end/laptop PC owner so that Wii is the only option for thier CoD thrills to purchase the game. FPS fans love their graphics and frankly the Wii CoD while the online experience is lag free and lots of fun it's also very limited compared to even what 6 year old FPS games offer.

I think Conduit will sell better as it's Wii exclusive and IF it's good then people will buy it for their Wii. I think everyone would like at least one great FPS for Wii. Conduit will fill that market as it's the only Wii exclusive FPS and offers great visuals and 16 player online, lots of modes (according to claims) with WiiSpeak support. It's the one to get, not CoDWaW which is better elsewhere. (although Red Steel 2 could prove to be a better offering than Conduit)

Good post. I'd add one reason why you'd get the Wii version over the others, though, and that's controls. Still, lots of folks prefer graphics to controls, so you're on target.

Yeah, I had meant to mention controls.  I'm definately one of those oldschoolers who grew up with FPS on PC and can't stand to use the inferior dual analog, but CoDWaW is on PC for those purists - still a far superior offering than on Wii.  IF CoDWaW used the Wii-mote in more unique ways to make the Wii version stand out on it's own, then it might be a different story.    Red Steel 2 has a real chance there if they can make it the game we thought the original was going to be.  And definately, must have split-screen online multiplayer is Ubisoft knows what's good for it.