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Couple of comments: Firstly - its important realise the PS3 has seen "pent up demand" (over months) finally released and satisfied - at once. Basically *everyone* who wants/wanted a PS3 - now has one. The numbers were expected, but its still very significant that it DIDN'T sell out. Secondly - wait till the (UK) charts next week. Most of the PS3 titles will vanish (if not, they will in 2-3 weeks). This happened in Japan (and the US), and it will happen more here. There will be some users (already with a PS3) going to buy extra games - but the number of new consoles sold will drop to 50k, then 20k, then...? When few consoles are sold, few games will be sold. Its also worth noting that the UK (as reported?) is the strongest country for Sony in Europe (anyone have any ideas or theories why? Maybe 'cos everything is expensive anyway?). ... Anyway - its great that the Europe launch is finally here, and all consoles are on level-pegging (360 still has launched in some countries the others haven't, but apart from that). This is where the real battle starts ;)

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