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Baddman said:
DTG said:
Men are very sexual and women are far less, hence why women are much more heavily portraid as sex objects by ALL media not only games.

sorry but  that is bullshit

Yes, it is.

I just think human male sexuality is easier to understand and market.

Big boobs? Good

Little clothing? Good

Stupidity? Excellent

Now what about women? It`s just a mess that no one understands. Probably because it tends to change from one to another.

Big boobs? Is that good? Who the f*** knows!

Stupidity? Is that good? Again, who the f*** knows!

Little clothing? Well, not a lot of women watch wrestling matches so again, who knows?

Quem disse que a boca é tua?

Qual é, Dadinho...?

Dadinho é o caralho! Meu nome agora é Zé Pequeno!