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Soulxxx said: I know DMC4 isn't exclusive. DMC's fan base isn't big enough to kill the PS3, and some fans of DMC will still buy it for the PS3, however there will be some who would "desert" it for the 360. But I can safely predict that the majority will stick with the PS3 because of God of War 3, being a similiar title and a 1st party game. So they know they won't be able to get it on the 360.. Never. And the PS3 is the one doing the outselling. The gap will only close in the end, when PS3 keeps selling games. (Just a reflection of the past [PS2 vs Xbox, anyone?]) Didn't you read the topic? In the first 4 months, PS3 sold more, plus it's main launch game sold more than the 360 main launch game. That's is only a sample of things to come. Just as gears of war created that big spike in the 360's monthly sales in christmas, you're gonna have more than one game that does the same thing and not necessarily in christmas, and I mentioned these games in my last post. BR vs HDDVD is just a way of saying which games will rule in the future. When you have 50 gigs on one and only 9 in the other, you can pretty much guess what games will look better in the end.
1. DMC is just more to come. Sony will only be able to keep the 1st/2nd party games. The rest will come to 360/Wii. More likely 360. 2. PS3 was killed by 360 in Nov/Dec. It was beat in Jan. The only place PS3 is, and probably will continue, to beat the 360 is Japan. It will take a few months to really see which one will do better in EU. March will NOT be a good indicator as that is the launch. 3. BR and HDDVD are useless for games. They don't need anywhere near that amount of disc space. All you are going to have is tons of empty space on a BR disc for Sony. MS was smarter to use regular DVD's as the DVD9 spec is perfectly suitable for any game. HD visuals or not. The code just doesn't require that much space. Look at the most massive and beautiful games on a pc. None are on more than one DVD. Also, earlier you mentioned that BR is better than HDDVD in all aspects. Yeah, the only difference, for a consumer, is space. For a ip owner then the BR is supposedly more secure, but that is yet to be seen. For more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu_Ray_Vs._HD-DVD