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Soulxxx said: vanguardian1 The PC version beating the PS3 version? I dunno.. I take it you're a PC gamer that bought a Wii for fun games. Understandable. But while you be buying new parts for your PC, I'm gonna enjoy my PS3 games that will ALWAYS run smoothly... elprincipe, A) I'm no Wii detractor. I don't detract it, I say what it is. It's not like I said "The Wii won't supply the fun you want!" I'm saying it won't give you enough of it to keep you going for 2 years. B) Sorry, but I don't think waving your arms around is a more realistic way of playing games then good graphics. It may be so for the first 3 hours of every game for 2 years, but in no way it beats better visuals in terms of realism. If the Wii had better graphics, I might call it a winner... but it doesn't so the Wiimote is pretty much useless in it's ultimate goal - make gameplay more fun than other consoles. I gotta go.. It's been fun talking to ya (despite what you probably think of me now) and I think I need to quit now before I lure in some potential killers... lol
I have one more question if you start to like the way the Wii mote controlls a game why can't it last for more than 2 years? Example fps, I am really bad using a second analog stick so for me if the wiimote works I think I would love to play more fps in the future on the Wii. So far I haven't bought a Wii so I can't say that it is so. Now I would rather play Fightnight with Wii controls and bad graphics than I would play with a regular controller and the best graphics in the world. It is simple like this: Just because you don't like a controll model it doesn't mean that nobody like it. Something I might point out is that I aren't after realism, if I were I would have played the sports myself. I want fun! If this comes in terms of pretty graphics or a new controller I don't know. But so far people seem to think that Wii sport is really fun. What could happen with a deaper game like Virtua Tennis comes to Wii? So bottom line is: Even if you think Graphics is everything their is some of us that don't think that. Looking at the Japanse charts I would say that there is at least 1,2 million japanse that agrees with me (Wii Sport sold). For me, Wii, xbox360 and PS3 is next gen because the deliver something new to the gaiming scen. EDIT: Forgott to say that no it doesn't matter if PS3 is selling more than xbox360 did one year ago, when xbox360 now is selling more. Even more important Wii is selling more too.



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