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staticneuron said: gamingdevil said: CrazzyMan said: Yojimbo said: jstam said: with gta, will it be a simultaneous release or will ps3 still have a couple of months head time over 360? It will be simultaneous. But it would not suprise me if it came to 360 first and then PS3 :D on ps3 one day earlier. It`s a contract of timed exclusivity. 1 Day - also time-exclusive. PS3 has a lot of BIG exclusive games, while x360 not that much, and loosing any of them would make x360 less attractive. So PS3 must have loss all its attractiveness with all those SERIOUS exclusives it lost right? Named exclusives? only DMC4 and Virtua fighter 5. There is still quite a stable to go throught before the PS3 loses its attractiveness. If the games have to be listed for you, you are obviously not a PS2 fan and it would be a waste of time to continue this.
Not a PS2 fan? I got a PS2 on launch day and i still have it, i have A LOT of games on it and i still use it, i use it everyday at LEAST for an hour... so yea... i guess i am not a PS2 fan.