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Yojimbo said: mridul said: Yojimbo said: Everybody knows that Ps3 is selling better than 360 the same period. The PS3 is fighting with Wii,360 and ps2, when 360 was only fighting with ps2. But still the numbers is not good, it should be selling much better then 360. Cant believe that ps3 is selling better then 360 in USA the same period. But still the ps3 sales is bad compared to ps1/ps2 I cant wait for the NPD numbers for march. MOTORSTORM and GOD OF WAR 2 should give ps3 a significant boost. GOD OF WAR 2 has already surpassed 1 m by theway. I think it would be MARCH's most selling game by FAR. a 2m is not highly unlikely. I expect 500~k for MOTORSTORM and perhaps a600--700k for GRAW 2. I believe that God of War 2 is bad for the ps3 sales. People is going instead to buy more ps2. You r Motorstorm numbers seem way to high. I cant afford to hope that ps3 sales is going to be better in march. I have been way to optimistic too many times. So time will tell :P
VF 5 was released on FEB 22 + NBA homecourt +OBLIVION +VIRTUA TENNIS 3+DEF JAM...all these games alongside MOTORSTORM have generated quite a bit of consumer interest in ps3. ps3 would do much better in MARCH in NA. but ofcourse we would find out when OFFICIAL SALES DATA comes out