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DMeisterJ said:
Lots of people are too extreme in this thread.

PS3 sales are down the first full week of the 360 price drop, ZOMFG!!! Price cut PS3 is necessary!!!

No, calm down people. Let's wait a few weeks okay? Look at Japan? 360 is falling every week since it's price-drop high. Look at America? 360 is falling post-price drop also. If I were a predicting man, I would predict things back to normal LBP week, with PS3 beating 360 across all territories, but I'm not one, but things will be back to normal in a few weeks. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.


Unfortunately this is probably the truth because these moments like this that scare people are usually pretty funny.  Both sides always freaking out with bull either way because people never understand the trends.

More than likely 360 will fall next week to about 70k level and possibly level off in 60k level.  Unless it really was inaffective and eventually fall out to 50k level again.  PS3 will stay in between 60k-80k until LBP week then get boosted and stay up for the holidays until in mid January to early February when it goes back to normal if not slightly higher depending on the success of the brand in the holidays.

And just in case if anyone is wondering Wii will probably stay in the 130k-150k range until Wii Music's release where it'll also see some boosts and stay up there until the holidays and probably not come back down to that range until same timeframe as PS3 if ever on average.  Unless of course shortages in areas such as UK and France.