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IIRC Sony is outselling and I think they might have even outsold the Xbox 360 in New Zealand and yet Fable 2 is crushing LBP in terms of pre-order sales (Paid for completely)

On the local site I go to - Fable 2 is the 74th best selling item of all time on just pre-orders ALONE and thats just the special edition, the normal edition is doing reasonably well also. Its also currently the 8th best selling game and was #1 for weeks on end.

On the other side - Little Big Planet is the 3,115th best selling item of all time and its currenty ranked 26th best selling game at the moment.

See for your self - Fable 2 / Little Big Planet

I thought LBP was massive and Fable 2 was not! :/ Explain this to me!