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the game matched my expectations and also raised a few questions regarding the reviews and other games. what really came to my mind was COD4 singleplayer infinite respawn and the "intelligent" PC (the console versions are probably alright with this) multiplayer respawn but I'll keep the long rant to myself.

I have to say that I'm pretty sure I'm alone on this one but I loved the Tribal stage. to me it was Settlers meet Populous without complex economy and the God powers. I really think they could have expanded a bit more in the earlier phases (including the Tribal), but expanding the way that "hardcores" want would kill the game IMO.

the Civ stage to me was kind of a chore, but maybe because I REALLY wanted to see everything. and I thought it was kinda overwhelming when I started it considering that the Tribal phase is so "shallow" - of course, once you figure what is going on it's nothing absurd, but from what I've read I thought it would be much simpler.

I'm at the beginning of the Space stage but it really surprised me in a good way. I didn't really read a lot about it, so maybe that's why.

right now, without completing one single game, I say: Tribal stage > other stages (except the Space stage which I cannot compare yet).

I'm really glad they took the "casual" way. and the game also has that Maxis feel that I can't describe.. like when you play a Square game, or a Nintendo one.

The game has its flaws but I thought it would be better to post the good impressions rather than the bad ones. Ok, 2 flaws then: being allowed to change radically your creature every time you go to the creator is really stupid. there should be some parts that couldn't be removed. I dunno how they'd implement the limit, but it's needed. I thought about making a part permanent after 2 generations, but still, you could sell it and replace with a copy - I dunno then, maybe if a part "matured", then you'd lose a big bonus if you just used the replacing method, or it would "mature" naturally and you couldn't remove it anymore. and adding every modification to the sporepedia is stupid too.

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