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also dont forget the non gamer factor. that is where the sales are coming from. that is how the ps2 did so well as well. you had a dvd player and a game machine for 300 dollars which the normal dvd player at the time was roughly between 200-500 dollars. that was a big factor but what hte wii has is the non gamer "fun and easy to play" factor. kinda like the original nintendo and when the atari 2600 first was released you had non gamers playing the games. this is why the wii wont slow down anytime soon. all the points given by john is valid. i personally think the xbox360 sales will drop off drastically after halo fanboys are done with that surge. then you wont see very many xbox360's coming off shelves cause there really isnt much after that. yes GTA4 is coming out but by now only those fanboys are gonna get that which really isnt many anymore. as for the ps3 they will eventually end up figuring themselves out of this gen. and its gonna be all price points not games. the wii on the other hand has many many killer games coming out i mean think bout it SSBB is and probably will be released at the same time or around the same time as halo 3 which will hurt halo sales cause if you havnt noticed SSBB is considered a most wanted game especially if you get to play online for free against your friends without the "yearly fees". so wii sales will in fact be more constant the rest of the year at least so a wii lead by jan 08 will happen in all markets.

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