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CrazzyMan said: oki doki. 1) PS3 cost 500-600$. 2) after 1-2 years it will cost less, probably 300-400$. 3) ps3 has blu-ray, so no need for 5 dvd for a game, and you can watch full HD moovies. 4) http://stuff.tv/news/id-4735/ - best for full HD by stuff. 5) people wait not for one game, but for many, so when FFXIII, MGS4, DMC4, HS, Lair, Ratchet, Uncharted, LTB and etc. will be realesed, these games will incredibly boost ps3 sales, price won`t matter. 6) ps3 and wii are in diffrent categories, so people will buy and ps3, and wii. They are not rivals. 7) many series will have continues on ps3: Tekken Virtua Fighter Soul calibur Gran Turismo Jack dexter God of war Wild arms Front Mission Metal Gear Solid Z.O.E Resident Evil Silent Hill Devil May cry Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts Medal Of Honor Ridge Racer Tales of ... Disgaea Valkyrie profile Persona Grand Theft Auto Burnout Onimusha Ace Combat Ratchet and Clank Xenosaga Killzone Guitar Hero Metal slug Shadow of colossus Armored Core Star ocean Spyro Breath of fire Chrono ... Grandia Rogue Galaxy Wipeout Genji Getaway games in bold already under developement. And new titles: White Knight Story Resistance Lair MotorStorm Heavenly Sword Afrika Heavy Rain Warhawk Monster Kingdom Uncharted: Drake`s Fortune Eight Days L.A. Noire WarDevil: Enigma Ni-Oh Little Big Planet http://www.vgcharts.org/worldcons.php?date=36951&sort=0 PS2 Mar 2001 - Total: 10.61 PS2 Mar 2002 - Total: 28.68 PS2 Mar 2003 - Total: 51.20 http://www.vgcharts.org/japconscomps.php?name1=PS2&name2=&type=0&align=0 39 PS2 11/26/00 9,000 40 PS2 12/03/00 3,750
The second you said "Price Won't Matter" it became clear that you don't realize that most people in the world don't have magical wallets ... They have limited resources and after they pay for their rent, transportation, food and other "needs" have very little left over for "hobbies" or "toys" Everything else you mention may be true but you fail to point out that when the Gamecube and XBox launched the PS2 had a 20 Million unit lead ... The March 2001 number you pointed out was the number of units the PS2 sold when it was impossible to find it on store shelves. Also the PS2 physically ran out of units in November/December 2000 after it launched in North America ...