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--Wii-- The Wii has been eating up the market share in japan... and as it stands from forum posters living there it is still completely supply constrained. Europe is a mixed bag, from what we hear from people living there on the boards, England and France are sold out, doing okay in Spain, and poor in Germany, while still at 1.62 million according to vgcharts. Considering it seems like they're getting the least supplies that's still very good. The question is if Nintendo can start getting Wii's to the countries that still demand it quickly enough to help offset Sony's intro to that market. America also seems to be a mixed bag as well, most places are still selling out very quickly, and some places still aren't getting regular shipments in when they need them. I don't see the overall sales in America slowing down until May at earliest at this point. --PS3-- North America - Of course with Motorstorm and a few other games coming out in NA we expect sales to be higher than Febuary, but exactly how much is anyone's guess. Personally I think the odds of the PS3 breaking 200k this month are about 50/50 at best. Japan - The PS3 has Winning 7 coming out at the end of the month, which the predecessor sold 1.1m (ps2), but in comparison, Virtua Figher 4 (ps2) sold over 750k while 5 hasn't broke 75k to my knowledge, so it's debatable if this will have any effect. If not, the release charts show nothing else of significance 'till June at earliest. And at $410 and $520 respectively for their pricing and abysmal software/hardware attach ratios, it's hardly going to be changing anytime soon without outside intervention. Europe - Online we have reports from all over the place, some saying that preorders are selling like crazy, others saying they're crawling, so we'll have to wait and see. My own opinion says that the PS3 is digging itself into a pretty big hole, and as time goes on the odds of a comback are slowly shrinking. A comeback isn't impossible, but any chances of pulling a majority of the market this generation have all but dissipated at this point. Update - As of GDC this year we know Konami has 3-4 wii projects in development (DDR, Dewey, an RPG, an adventure game), Capcom has 4 Wii projects as well (Resident Evil - Umbrella Chronicles is one of them), Square-Enix has at *least* two that we know of for Wii, both exclusives also. Koei made their announcement, we also have the big name `Project O` started. Bandai-Namco supposedly has some in development as well still, despite the Sony-Namco joint project. Developers have, in the last several months, started numerous projects for the Wii. Oh yeah, Monolith is doing Disaster : Day of Crisis for Nintendo too. I don't know who's making Project Hammer. The Japanese developers most certainly have not abandoned current PS3/360 projects, but those resources now being put towards new Wii games are now not even being considered for those ps3/360 projects, now are they? Should I start looking to see who else has started projects for the Wii?

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