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I think that would be reasonable, i still think Blu Ray will be the wild card....as stand alone gaming consoles, i think the PS3 has no chance to catch the 360 with GTA being cross console and many others moving that way.....unless the PS3 finds its gears of war in Lair or Heavenly Sword or something else it will be tough, for every exclusive blockbuster Sony has now, the 360 has its match at this point....so as it stands i think it will be tough. But as much as it is frowned upon here, i think its important to consider the blu ray variable.....that variable alone will be enough for that cross demographic increase in sales, basically, imo if someone is on the fence about a PS3 based solely off of gaming, the Blu Ray factor is something that, if it becomes the industry standard for high def cinema, could easily tip the scale to that person on the fence buying a PS3. While i dont really buy the argument about PS2 pushing the success of DVD (lack of competition, accepted format inand of itself) I really think Blu Ray is going to be what the PS3 is going to need to move more consoles this generation. So, since we are simply discussing hardware movement, i think the PS3 can overcome just about anyhing this generation if Blu Ray prevails quickly and prevails excessively.....regardless of whether its based on games or exclusives, as long as teh hardware moves, it moves, and Blu Ray could have a huge role in that for the PS3