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Soriku you are kind of naive. Look at it this way, just how good can graphics get? Well the answer is pretty simple: as good as your eyesight is. Photo realistic graphics are gonna be the boundry that nothing can surpass.

Of course it might take a while until we achieve this kind of technology that would enable us to play a game utilizing such graphics but let's remeber just how fast progress is being made in that department.

Gran turismo 5 looks more realistic than a real car have you seen the comparison? Photo realistic graphics can be surpassed gran turismo 5 did it.

Looks more realistic than a real car????? Um..... yeah.....


Trust me, you can't win this argument because even pre-rendered graphics are still not as good as filmed images and are thus not photorealistic ... If a renderfarm can't meet photorealism the PS3 certainly can't

We will see.

 just joking i hope...otherwise you should consider giving up drugs ;)

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