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peanut1972 said:

Obviously I am not as judgemental as some others.  I see a lot of talent in their writings, and like the style they use.  But then if I talked to all my friends about opinions like yours and they would find your opinions laughable. Or they might say something like: "more proof that video games rot the mind."

To each their own.

Haha, clearly video games have blinded me to the brilliance of their writing.  I am actually trying to give them some constructive criticism, although I admit more contemptuous than necessary.  However, that could be due to you advertising this site under the guise of finding a "cool contest" for an awful game. 

As much as you might hate a site like IGN, and feel they are "anti-clean video games, and fanboyish of the dirty ones.".  You can't deny that actually have a plethora of content, website that is functional (though I personally dislike some of their recent changes), and a design that doesn't look like a geocities website.

It really is a shame you and the others associated with that site can't enjoy a great game just because it contains imagery or themes you don't agree with.