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WessleWoggle said:
.:Dark Prince:. said:
Sky Render said:
Nintendo builds hardware like tanks. It's their greatest "unmentioned claim to fame", and taken for granted by many users until they accidentally drop their Game Boy or knock their game console over and discover that it's not even damaged.

I'd say this was true until the Wii. I find the Wii to be my least reliable console ever... it's already on its "deathbed" with numerous disc read errors and artifacts all over the place :(

I could just be in the minority though.

Very likely that you're in the minority.

I always unplug my console, as it gets SO hot when I leave it off and plugged in.

You should simply disable WiiConnect24 then. The Wii only gets hot when you have it online permanently which is shown by an orange light in standby mode instead of a red one.

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