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mike_intellivision said:


Now admittedly, today is a little bit different. There are actually other active console makers (which there really was not by that time. Atari was doing computers, Coleco went under, Mattel sold out, and Magnavox had gotten out). Nevertheless, the reaction to the Wii – and its success – is still the same. So contrary to what some may think – Nintendo did not and "ruin" gaming and is not "ruining" gaming. It is merely starting the next evolution in gaming.

Mike from Morgantown

 In fact ,dumbing down the games ,making a step back in graphics and sound(wich the NES didnt at all from the competing crew) ,offering a really poor online and diminishing the amount of inputs to control games to provide a simpler but for all publics experience is ruining gaming .At least for core and hardcore gamers.Senior citizens and soccer moms would think otherwise ,though.