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endimion said:

I'm talking about the trumendous amount of people that bought the console after having played Wii sport at a friends house.... and never bought another game..... not the casual gamer that is a gamer even if casual..... I'm talking about the entire invasion of non gamer that bought a Wii...


when i'm saying casual it's when I talk about people that bought a Wii and the only other games they ever played was solitair and mine sweeper on their PC at the office....



Wow.  There's some misinformation.

How does your points stand up to how almost all reports lately show the attachment ratio of games to the Wii are higher than compeititor consoles?  (This means, per Wii console sold, more games are sold for Wii, by ratio terms, than other consoles).

I have never seen a Wii console where at least 5 other games are sitting on a shelf nearby.  Let alone the 15 sitting in the living room here.  I am actually surprised to go to another house and see 8-10 Wii titles as well.  I think this belief that Wii games don't sell is a misconception.

Numbers: Checker Players > Halo Players

Checkers Age and replayability > Halo Age and replayability

Therefore, Checkers > Halo

So, Checkers is a better game than Halo.