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Hawkeye said:
No innovation, very bad story. Difficulty level was very good, I found it a tad easy until the very end, and that was only because I leveld about 20 guys instaed of the 11 you have to take into the end... and 5-6 of those guys are basically pre-selected! LAME! Make sure to only level a few powerhouses. Also the story is "meh" than "nostalgic meh" then it gets lame, and falls apart at the end. In fact, I quit about 3 missions from the end after a character I really like died for pretty much no reason and with no revelations of any kind coming with their death. Also, the graphics and characters wern't that great.

Let's take this apart.  It'll be fun.

"No innovation"

-> Fixed level-ups for BEXP.  The fact that you always get +1 to 3 stats pretty much redefined how BEXP was used.

-> Authority bonuses for hanging around the leaders of their units.  I found this very helpful as I preferred the Ike/Mist support so Mist got yet another boost for hanging around Ike.

-> Skills became transferable.  Need some experience on unit XYZ?  Now I can move the Paragon skill onto it.  Need some weapon experience?  How about I move Discipline over to the unit?  Oh this unit is too slow, but hey I have a Celerity skill I can give it, problem solved!

-> 3rd Tier.  Let's take the original villager promotion type from Gaiden and the recruit promotion type we tried out in the gba games and standardize it for everyone.

-> You get to fight your own team.  Probably one of the coolest things IMO was getting to fight one of the other groups I controlled with another.  I don't know if that's innovative in the series, but I certainly hadn't seen it done in a previous Fire Emblem.

I'm sorry they chose not to rewrite the entire system for your benefit, but they made some pretty awesome additions to it.

"very bad story"

I'm sorry they peed in your Cheerios, but I quite liked the story.  I was very pleased to see how they tied the 3 separate plots together.   My only complaint was that it felt rushed at the end.  I really would have liked more explanation of the motives of the final enemies.  A lot of that is explained on the side, but I'd have preferred it to be shown up front.

"5-6 of those guys are basically pre-selected"

I'm not sure how to approach this one.  On the one hand, I could make fun of you for being unable to level most all your units.  Having had finishing runs where most everyone on my team was 20/20/20 or around there just going into the Finals, I can't see leveling being an issue unless you only use certain units all the time.  Of course, if you do that you deserve to be slapped in the face by the game as hard as possible.  I learned that in the very first Fire Emblem I played.  Spread the experience or you get into trouble later.  ^_^

On the other hand, I could also point out that those units were pretty obviously going to be there.  What were you thinking anyway?  "Derrr the story revolves around these units but I'm gonna ignore 'em."  Well gee wiz, did you think ignoring the plot centric characters would end happily?  It's kind of like sticking your hand into a hot toaster.  At some point you should going to realize it's going to hurt... preferably before you do it.

"graphics and characters wern't that great."

You're playing an SRPG on the Wii.   Do you understand exactly what that means?  If you had said "I didn't like the character models" or "I liked XYZ's look in PoR more than RD," those I could sympathize with.  However a blanket complaint about "graphics and characters" in an SRPG on the Wii is idiotic.