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About a year ago I started work on my own retro style Megaman game, but as work stress piled up and I started working on a new 3D hobby project, the Megaman game got put on the back burner.  With the announcement of MM9, my Megaman juices got flowing again and decided to spend a little more time on it, and just would like to ask the community for some feedback.

The main thing I have (almost) done is the music for the game.  Here is a link to the zip file with all the game's music (thusfar.)  Most are just missing percussion,  They are all pretty short, and made to loop:

http://www.mediafire.com/?lwqx85b3peg (don't worry, virus free)

Here is the general Ideas for the bosses:

Avalancheman:  Snowy mountain level with some icy caves.  Enemies include Yetis, Skiing METS, Snowmen robots, etc.  Boss freezes Megaman with ice blasts and rains stones from the ceiling using a sonic blast.  Gives Megaman a freezing iceshot that can turn enemies in to platforms. Weak against Torchman's weapon.

Sunman: Sandy Desert Level. Enemies include scorpions, mummies, vultures, etc.  Boss flashes light that makes screen white, blinding megaman and shoots bullets. Gives Megaman a flash attack that damages all enemies in a radius around Megaman.  Weak against Avalancheman's attack.

Wolfman: Graveyard level that ends in a church.  Enemies include Zombie robots, bats, vampire bats, etc.  Boss Changes between a human-esque robot with a long range attack and a werewolf which is very fast, jumping and bouncing off the walls.  Has a quick slash attack when a wolf at close range.  Wolf form can break columns in church that send stones flying that can hurt megaman.  Gives megaman a strong slash attack which can also break some walls.  Weak against Sunman's attack.

Blinkman: Tower level, similar to that of Crashman's level.  Enemies include your standard Megaman fare.  Boss teleports around the room shooting at megaman.  Enemy room contains many platforms.  Gives Megaman the ability to teleport a short distance.  Can teleport through narrow walls and other obstacles.  Damages enemies when megaman teleports in to them.  Weak against Wolfman's attack.

Slimeman: Underground cave with poisonous water pits and falling stalagtites.  Enemies include slime robots, bats, etc.  Boss can climb up walls and drop down on megaman.  Can raise a wall of slime in front of him that hurts Megaman and deflects his attacks, but Slimeman can shoot through it.  Gives megaman a wall attack that hurts enemies that contact it blocks attacks.  Weak against Blinkman's attack.

Rockman (yes, I know):  Volcano level with erupting volcanos and lava pits.  Enemies include rock creatures, etc.  Boss Can throw large rocks in any direction, and rolls in to a ball to ram megaman.  He is invulnerable to everything except slime man's wall when in ball form.  Gives megaman a rock that circles around him as a shield, then he can fire it in any direction.  Weak against Slimeman's attack.

Crabman: Beach level with underwater section.  Enemies include guns, fish, mets, and other beach fare.  Boss shoots stream of water and can throw his glaws to grab megaman.  Gives megaman a long range water jet that can douse fires.  Weak against Rockman's attack.

Torchman:  Factory level.  Enemies include all kinds of machinery.  Boss shoots flaming torches that ignite pits of oil. Gives megaman arcing torches that explode on impact.  Weak against Crabman's attack.

I have Crabman's level completely done, and about 10% populated with enemies.  Here are a few early screen shots:

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