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But the question is how willing will sony be to upgrading the PS3's BD playback? Anyway, AV enthusiast will go for a standalone player with better playback and a richer feature set. For the typical consumer, BD is still to expensive, however when the price does come down to less than 300 sales should pick up. However, by the time that happens standalone will be vastly superior to the PS3, and most consumers will still see the PS3 as a video game console. Really, Blu-ray will only boost PS3 sales for when people are looking for a console AND a high def disc player -- which is a negligible part of the market

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

ssj12 said: Player specific decoders are nothing more than specialized GPUs. Gran Turismo is the trust driving simulator of them all. 

"Why do they call it the xbox 360? Because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away"