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wangfoo said:
How did a discussion about money hats get turned into a banned member fest?

This seems like a no brainer for Sony. As long as they don't mess up with too expensive fees, or too restrictive DRM, this seems like an easy thing to do.

I agree.  I would buy the PS3 in a heartbeat if it allowed me to download movies and TV programs in HD anywhere I am online without restrictive DRM.

Issue #1: DRM - Sony's track record with DRM isn't that stellar (rootkit fiasco) and they tend to utilize proprietary formats. I won't accept DRM, but can live with using a proprietary format. I wouldn't, however, accept being locked into a proprietary format. (Example: I can accept that the Clie utilizes Memory Sticks, but that's just a temporary medium for transporting files into, say the PC, where I can then use SD or CF to store content.)

Issue #2: Not so much for the consumer as it is for Sony, but how will offering HD downloads (asuming they will offer HD instead of SD) affect Blu-ray's bottom line?

This does sound very promising, however, because Sony doesn't have nearly as many legal hurdles to overcome as Microsoft does to offer content. Microsoft has to negotiate rights per region/country being they're not the content owners. Sony, on the other hand, owns the content, and they could release it for free if they wanted to.

I don't own a 360 yet because the downloads only apply to North America and I live elsewhere; if Sony does come out with this service before Microsoft does for my region, chalk up one PS3 sale.