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I'm more intrested in what PS3 sales will be in July/Aug. N64 sales for 6 months after it's launch, are finally being topped by Wii. (NA) The N64 *was* the best selling console in it's first 6 months. (NA) The Wii has topped that now. The N64 got creamed in NA, and the world before the end. The PS1 had a horrible launch, becuase it was diffrent, and people had to learn to accept it. It took them over a year. I think the PS3 is alot like the PS1. But as I say. The July/Aug sales are the ones that will determine if the PS3 will surpass the 360 with ease or not, in NA/Europe. After July, the PS3 will have it's fair share of exclusives. If it is still behind the 360 in NA/Europe. It will takes years for it to pass. (and will be a general failure) I expect it to pass 360 sales in march in NA, and europe tho...

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