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Stats87 said:
Kasz216 said:
Luppien said:
i think you verry much overrate the ff XIII spin-offs. I think xbox users will propably look to the last renmant,star ocean or other rpgs :)

That and i think you overestimate their exclusivity.

FFV13 is likely no longer exclusive, but square is waiting until shortly before FF13 is released (or shortly before FFV13) to announce it for more impact.



I don't think they've made a decision yet at all, but are just taking a "wait and see" approach.

If FFXIII comes out and sells like 4:1 on the PS3 (not saying this will happen) and the PS3 Userbase is booming (compared to the 360) then I think it will stay Exclusive.

If the PS3 version outsells the 360 version 1.5:1 and the userbases are still close in EU/NA, then it probably would go Multi.

But since this is all 2+ years away, a lot can happen.

4:1... it'd need to be like 10:1. The estimated price for porting a game from one HD console to the other is 10%.

So anything over 10:1 is pure profit for the 360 compared to PS3.