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This report indicates that as far as the company goes, as of 21 September this year it was renamed Azure Global Trading and is now in-charge of purchases for the parent company. It no longer has anything to do with game development.

So.... where did they go? Today many stores in Japan started selling Lost Odyssey a day early, and I managed to get a hold of the credits from the manual. Here is the complete list of ex-Nautilus staff that worked on the game as part of Feelplus:

Art Director: Takamasa Ohsawa

Program Lead: Nobuyuki Yanagisawa

Animation Lead: Takeshi Toyoda

Environment Model Lead: Junichiro Asakura

CG Cinematics Lead: Izumi Obata

Audio Lead: Hirotomi Imoto

System Program: Takaaki Ishikawa, Izumi Hamamoto

Battle Program: Masahiro Honma

World Map Program: Suguru Yokoyama

Battle Planner: Takehiro Ishida

Character Model Artists: Mieko Okuto, Kazuna Mikamoto, Hiroko Ito, Koki Nakadai, Yoshiyuki Yanagisawa

Motion Artists: Kazuya Nishimura, Hiroshi Mitsuzuka, Isao Takeuchi, Naohiro Endo

Background Map Model Artists: Ayumu Kuboya, Seiji Tokizawa, Hiroki Nakamura, Junichi Morita, Ikuo Yamazaki, Noriko Yoshida

Effect Artists: Hisaya Suzuki, Katsunori Ootsuka, Kumiko Takada

Visual Production Manager: Shinya Miyakawa

Cut Scene Visual Artists: Hideki Kubo, Masahiro Satou, Fumiyo Tanaka, Minoru Saegusa

CG Artists: Takayuki Higurashi, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Nozomi Sanada, Norio Tachikawa, Tomoaki Morizumi, Shigeru Kasai

Sound Artists: Masakatsu Tamura, Tomoko Imoto

Not all Nautilus staff made the transition to Feelplus, and there are some notable losses. The real time cutscene director Toshiyuki Terada and the creator of Shadow Hearts itself Matsuzo Machida are both missing in the transition. Various designers and planners also seem to not have made their way across. Still it is good to see over 40 members of the staff that have worked together since the first Shadow Hearts is still together. Hopefully Sakaguchi makes good use of their talent and experience to create even more ambitious RPGs in the years to come.

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