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sundin13 said:
DarkD said:
I figured the story was made up, but I still don't agree with transitioning children. I haven't seen any evidence that transitioning people leads them to leading a happier life. I've looked up the studies and they say that they can't get a proper study off because the patients keep disappearing off the face of the earth. My assumption is suicide, but who knows.

And unlike with homosexuals, I don't believe they've proven anything genetic for this. This could simply be the kid's fascination with woman's clothing.

I personally think the father in this case is despicable if he was lying about the facts to try and push his cause. However, I also think an attempt to return the kid to normalcy should also be made since the alternative is a horrible life. And it's not because of bullies either. I'm open to evolving my point of view, but without evidence, I don't see why such drastic measures are required.

In regards to your first point about the benefits of transitioning, here ya go:


In regards to your second point about genetic factors, see my post above.

I've been thinking about this reply of yours and I know the study you have there has very little scientific merits.  It's too small of a sample size to say anything.  The rule for a scientific study is 

"As a general rule, any correlation that has a p-value of greater than 0.05 (p>0.05) should not be taken as evidence for anything."


The p value for your study is ten times what is required for your study to be declared anything but trash.  

And if I study your thing on twins I think I'll find the same thing.  In short, you haven't proven anything.