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Immersiveunreality said:
Azzanation said:

Its pretty obvious, To say one game looks like complete garbage and say the other game looks gorgeous, considering they both opt for the same thing is what sounds weird to me. Basically, its like looking at two identical picture frames and saying one looks like crap and the other looks amazing. Its basically the comparison I am making here.

If Battletoads looks like something from Newgrounds or some cheap Indy phone game than same can be said for Cuphead. But no one will bash Cuphead's art style. Like I said in my pic comparison. Its the community in a nutshell. It says a lot about the people in here. Double standards is huge.

But cuphead achieves in what it want to opt for(while batlletoad looks rushed and none challenging)

All i see is a cheap fastly made cartoon,and the gameplay does not captivate me.

As if all cartoon looked the same were equally as good just because they are cartoon should also be another point to consider. Also some games benefit from one look while others don't.

Okami for me would probably look and feel worse if done today with photorealism than what it looked originally on PS2. But Days Gone would be trash if cell shaded.

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