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curl-6 said:
h2ohno said:
I'm still shocked a game like BOTW was able to run at all on a system with as weak a CPU as the Wii U. Yes, it was designed with the Wii U in mind and used twice as much RAM as pretty much every other game on the system, but still. I was under the impression that these massive open world games were harder on the CPU and that was why games like Skyrim couldn't come to the Wii U. Maybe they found a way to shift the burden over to the GPU.

I'm fairly certain Skyrim could've been done on Wii U; Assassin's Creed 3 and 4 got ported over and I'm pretty sure those are harder on the CPU than Skyrim. Same for Watch Dogs and Arkham City actually.

As for BOTW, it's a case of Nintendo knowing their own hardware better than anyone and pushing it to its limits.

Yeah, AC looks better than Skyrim and runs on WiiU. I'd say ACIV (taking art style into account) maybe looks even better than BotW.