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COKTOE said:
TalonMan said:

You're missing something from your Biography which is required in order to hit the 100% completion. You need to fill in any one of the following fields, in order to earn the credit (this is in the Biography tab of the Profile Settings page):

 - Favourite Music

 - Favourite Films

 - Favourite Books

 - Favourite Food

 - Hobbies

 - About Me

Don't ask me why or how these particular entries were chosen and settled on - and like I said, you don't have to fill them ALL in, you only need to fill out at least one of them. Filling out one of these fields will get you to 100%, though I don't know that the badge will generate immediately (it may be among the overnight processing list - so depending on what time the process kicks off, the badge should pop in a day or two after you've completed your profile).

Let me know if you're still having problems...

Ugh. I'm sorry Talon, but thanks for the help. I was up for over 24 hours 2 of the last 3 days. I filled out my "favorites" and got 100% and the badge. I noticed the percentage breakdown, and mistook it for verification that I had already done what was needed. Anyway, thanks again. I feel like a dingus.

Nah - no big deal. I was out if town myself, the past few weeks so I've just been trying to catch up with stuff. Besides, I don't mind digging through code for questions like this - helps me understand how certain things are working so I'll know in the future...