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Radek said:

It boggles my mind that Americans see 4K Blu-Ray as something revolutionary and more important than performance and resolution. I mean if they buy Xbox One S for exclusives, that's fair! If you love Forza and Gears do it, but just for 4K Blu-Ray? Such a shame Battlefield 1 runs at 720p, that's gonna upset some players unaware of that like it did with Battlefront last year.

Highly doubt it had anything to do with the S.  I know the Top XBO SKUs at Gamestop for that month were the $249 OG bundles.  Even now on Gamestop, out of the Top 5 XBO SKUs, 3 are OG XBOs, including #1.  It's also pretty obvious the boost to the PS4 is more because of the price cut than the Slim.  If the Pro wasn't launching, I'm sure the PS4 would have won easily.  Still, congrats go to MS.  Nov is going to be the fun month to watch, though.